How Can You Naturally Tighten Skin after Weight Loss?


Did you go through a weight loss regime recently? One serious problem faced by people getting rapid weight loss is loose skin. You might have loose skin on your stomach or on the thighs or arms. It is very important to tighten skin after weight loss. A certain amount of loose skin is present in the body of each and every person but you need to make sure that it is not excessive.

There are certain products like skin tightening creams such as skin tight, body sculpt and no more double chins and so on for this purpose. Body wrap is the other option available. But it is always better to use natural methods in the beginning because they are safe. In extreme cases you might have to go for surgery.
The surgery meant for tightening the skin after weight loss is risky as well as costly. Therefore, you should wait for at least 2 years before you consider the surgery. Here are certain tips which can help you start the process to tighten skin after weight loss.

1. Start with the right kind of exercises to tighten skin after weight loss. If you start toning your muscles it will make your skin firm. Some of the weight training exercises which can be of help are crunches, pushups, squats, sit-ups and lunges. You can even lift weights to build muscles. But before doing these exercises you need to talk to a fitness trainer. It is important to find out the right way to do these exercises. You might get injured if you do not know the right way.

2. Do you know you can use loofah to tighten your skin? Loofah is an inexpensive product which can exfoliate your skin. It has the power to dig deep inside the pores on the skin and clean the dirt, dead cells, grime and toxins. If you have loose skin then you should always keep it clean. It will also ensure a better absorption of the creams and moisturizers.

3. You need to pay attention to the food you eat. To keep your skin firm and elastic you need to stimulate the development of elastin and collagen. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, soy products and artichoke hearts have antioxidants, vitamins and biotins which are necessary for the production of collagen. You can also eat high protein food like legumes, fish, nuts, milk, beans and yogurt.

4. You can massage your skin with cocoa and shea butter to tighten it after weight loss. You need to cover the loose areas of your skin with organic cocoa butter. This is one of the ways to keep your skin moist as well as elastic. Shea butter can be massaged on the loose skin during the night as well as in the morning.

5. You must understand that you need to have patience to tighten skin after weight loss. Plastic surgery is an option but do not take hasty decisions regarding that. But surgery is one of the permanent ways of getting rid of loose skin.


Top Tips on How to Tighten Loose Skin on Stomach


How to tighten loose skin on your stomach is a common question among people who have recently lost lots of weight or among women who have been pregnant. If you are worried about the loose skin on your stomach then you need to find the best ways on how to tighten loose skin on stomach.

Some people have the idea of giving a call to the plastic surgeon to get rid of the skin but this is not the right decision. Instead of going the painful way you can always look up to some of the best abdominal exercises and yoga to get a perfectly shaped tummy.

Weight loss is a major issue and you need to deal with it cleverly. There are different kinds of weight loss programs available on the internet these days from,, fast track to weight loss, fit over 40, fat loss 4 idiots and the diet solution programs and much more.

But each of these programs might not offer the desired result in weight loss. When we are talking about the abdominal skin then it is important for us to find out some important facts.

The skin on the abdomen is different from the other parts of the body. This skin is known to contain subcutaneous tissue which stores fat. The skin can store at least 7 inches of fat. This is actually a natural method of storing food for the body in case a famine strikes.

A small amount of cushioning for the tummy skin is important for everybody even for the fittest of people. There are people who take up an excessive dieting routine to get rid of the loose stomach skin, and might fall seriously ill after a certain period of time.

Make sure you do not confuse the loose skin with excessive fat. You must always stay away from rapid weight loss programs. Rapid weight loss programs might be responsible for excessive loose skin on the stomach.

You should allow less than three pounds of weight loss every week. Do you know that you can help your stomach skin tighten with the help of a loofah? You can use the loofah twice every day. Lifting weights can also be a way to get rid of loose skin.

You can lift weights even as a method of weight loss. Practice stomach crunches because it is an important way to lose excessive stomach fat and tighten up the skin. There are yoga exercises which can tighten the skin just below the navel.

The two top exercises are cobra yoga which is the abdominal exercise and the upward facing dog exercise. The exercises might seem difficult in the beginning. In both these exercises you need to lie on your stomach and push yourself upwards with your hands.

Natural methods for how to tighten lose skin on stomach will have no side effects. You must follow a diet without sugar or sweet products. There are number of treatments available like the sagging skin treatment but the treatment can have bad impact on the body.

5 Natural Tips on How to Lose Stretch Marks


How to lose stretch marks is a common question these days. If you have stretch marks on your body then there can be two reasons for it. You might either have lost a considerable amount of weight recently or you have been pregnant. Women can have the marks for both the reasons while men will have the stretch marks only for the first reason.

We all are afraid of these marks because we know that it is not at all easy to get rid of them. These marks can either be reddish in color or even purple. When these marks start coming up they are not very bright but with time they tend to become visible. You should use methods to get rid of the stretch marks early because in the later stages it might not only become difficult to get rid of them but can also be expensive.

Rapid weight gain and loss can be a cause of these marks. The middle layer of the skin or the dermis is put under strain which in turn damages the supporting fibers. You must stay away from food which might result in rapid weight gain as well as from the rapid weight loss programs.

A balanced diet full of vitamin C and E can help you achieve a stretch mark free skin. Online programs like fast track to fat loss, 7 minute muscle, total body makeover and many more might offer great solution for weight loss but stretch marks might be common problem. Here are certain tips that can surely be helpful in losing stretch marks naturally.

    1.) Self maintenance is the key for getting rid of or preventing these marks. First of all, you need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. You need to start the process from inside out. Drinking enough water will ensure that the toxins in your body get removed and the tissues remain hydrated.

    2.) Other than vitamin E and C your diet must also contain loads of protein and zinc. These nutrients will stimulate the creation of collagen in the body which can help you stop the growth of stretch marks after weight loss.

    3.) A number of anti stretch mark creams are doing the rounds in the market. Using the right kind of cream and lotion can be of some help. It is important to keep your skin moisturized regularly. Some of the top stretch marks removal creams are Revitol, TriLastin SR, Zenmed Stretta, Heal Stretch Marks, StriVectin – SD and many more.

    4.) To find out how to get rid of stretch marks naturally you just need to get vitamin E oil and massage it on the affected areas. Vitamin E has antioxidants which can prevent the damage. You can also use wheat germ, avocado and rose hip to get rid of the marks. Now you surely know how to get rid of stretch mark. Cocoa butter can also be used.

    5.) Aloe Vera gel can work because of its anti inflammatory effects.

What are the Top Steps for Firming Skin Effectively?


Are you worried about the loose skin on your body? Do you want to have a firmer skin? This is a common issue and lots of people want an answer to this problem. You usually get loose skin after sudden weight loss.

But loose skin is quite a common phenomenon and therefore you need not worry. There are various methods which can be effective in getting rid of loose skin. To get a firmer skin you need to follow certain tips. You must always try to stay in shape and follow some easy suggestions for a firm skin.

  1. 1. Do you think you take the right vitamins to maintain a firm skin? Vitamin C and E must be on your regular diet chart because they offer elasticity to the skin. Vitamin B is also helpful because it keeps the skin cells hydrated. You can tone your skin with the help of fatty acids, specially omega 3. You should eat lots of vegetables. Fruits like apples and oranges can also be of help.
  2. 2. Firming skin is not possible without exercise. Blood circulation is necessary for skin firming. To tighten the facial skin you need some facial exercises. There are exercises for the forehead, lips, eyes, neck, cheeks as well as double chin. Similar exercise routine should be followed for the rest of the body with loose skin.
  3. 3. Use of moisturizers is a good process for firming skin. Skin tight body firming lotion, emu moisturizing lotion and nivea skin firming moisturizer are some of the products which are used. Firming facials can also help you tone the skin and make it firm. It is important to choose the facial according to the need of your skin. It is therefore necessary to find out the skin type before applying the facial.
  4. 4. Flushing out the toxins from your skin can make your skin look firm and toned. Steam is one of the best ways to do this. You can either check out a steam room or even choose to go for a sauna bath.
  5. 5. Proper blood circulation on the skin can help you achieve firming skin. A good massage on the areas having loose skin can be helpful. The right kind of massage will also help in tightening the muscles and tissues under the skin.
  6. 6. Skin exfoliation is necessary for a firming skin. You should exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. You can use a loofah for this. This will not only remove the dead cells but will open the pores so that the skin can absorb the moisture.
  7. 7. Eat raw fruits like tomato, cucumber, coconut and olives to improve the elasticity of your skin. Losing elasticity can be one of the major reasons for getting loose skin.
  8. 8. Yoga exercises like lying on the stomach and pushing up with the help of your hands can have an effect on the loose skin. Yoga is also a great way to relax and get rid of stress.
  9. 9. You need to differentiate between loose skin and excessive fat to start with the process of firming skin.


How Can You Get Rid of the Extra Skin after Weight Loss?


Having extra skin after weight loss is a common problem among men and women these days. There are people who misunderstand the loose skin as excessive fat. Having a little bit of loose skin on your body is normal but you need to make sure that it is under control.

You need to work hard to get rid of the extra flab. Loose skin can be present in the stomach, face, neck, thighs as well as in the arms. You need to get rid of the extra skin after weight loss through a good diet regime, regular exercise and massage and moisturizers.

There are some more factors which can be responsible for the decrease in the elasticity of the skin. Age, amount of weight loss, genetics, sun exposure, water intake and nutrition are the factors that might affect your skin.

When you start off with your weight loss procedure you need to make sure that you move ahead slowly. Rapid weight loss programs must be avoided because they not only create loose skin but also has other harmful side effects. You can lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight every week and not more than that. This will help you stay away from extra skin after weight loss. Slow weight loss will allow the skin to adjust with the loss of the excessive fat.

Do you nourish your skin properly? To take proper care of your skin you need to exfoliate your skin to remove the dead cells and remove the dirt and toxins from the pores. Proper circulation of the skin is important to maintain the elasticity. A number of skin tightening creams and moisturizers are available these days such as skin tight body firming lotion, emu moisturizing lotion and nivea skin firming moisturizer and many more. Taking a hot bath with minerals and sea salts can also help you improve the condition.

To stop your skin from losing elasticity you need to stay away from certain things like harsh shampoos and soaps and detergents. Make sure you do not expose your skin too much to the sun as well as to chlorinated water. You must also stay away from hot water.

Hyaluronic acid is an important element found in the tissues of the body. This acid tends to decrease with time. It is important to maintain the elasticity of the body. The acid is also necessary to grow muscles. Therefore, make sure you include this acid in your diet and you should also include magnesium along with it because it helps synthesizing the effect of the acid. People who smoke regularly lack in hyaluronic acid.

To differentiate loose skin from fat you need to find out the percentage of fat that must be present in your body. This will help you find out regarding the growth of extra skin after weight loss. The fat percentage of the body is determined after you reach your desired weight.

Increase the intake of vitamin E and C to develop collage and elastin in your body.

The rise of vegan teenagers: ‘More people are into it because of Instagram’

The number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade a movement driven by the young. Here, teens explain why they are ditching meat and dairy

Veganism is on the rise. In 2006, 150,000 people in the UK opted for a plant-based diet. Today, 542,000 do. Thats a 350% increase.

The movement is driven by the young close to half of all vegans are aged 15-34 (42%), compared with just 14% who are over 65. When the Guardian asked people about being vegan, 67% of the 474 who replied were under 34, and more than one-sixth were teenagers. We heard from people as young as 14 espousing the purported virtues of quitting meat and dairy.

The not-for-profit Teen Vegan Network, a social network for vegans and vegetarians, has noted this rise with interest. The founders say that last year their first summer camp sold out in 34 hours and this year they had to put more than 150 young people on the waiting list. They have seen a steady growth in their website since it launched three years ago, with at least one new member a week.

So why are so many teens ditching meat and dairy? Heres what they said.

Euan Reece, 17, south Northamptonshire
Men are looked down on in mainstream circles for being vegan


I stumbled across veganism while browsing online. I saw some videos and immediately became interested in it. It took me a while to go fully vegan I was vegetarian for some time before as I didnt realise it would be so easy to get into.

I dont believe that celebrities have played a major role in the expansion of veganism among teenagers. They are likely to have influenced some people, but the main driving force behind the movement is social media. This has allowed the vegan message to spread a lot quicker than it would otherwise have done.

Keeping healthy is critical to being successful as a vegan. It is very important that you research what to eat before or while changing your diet. Knowing, for example, that chickpeas and spinach are great sources of iron could prevent you from getting anaemia. Research is essential.

Veganism is definitely more common among young people now. I feel that social media has played a major part in this, but theres also the fact that younger people arent bound as much by traditional values, so they are more likely to change to a more leftfield thing such as veganism.

Some of my friends are less supportive. I find that men are looked down on in mainstream circles for being vegan as it isnt seen as masculine. But generally, people are fine. They are often inquisitive about it, but dont have the motivation to make a change themselves. Connecting with other vegans online is very easy, and I can communicate issues I have surrounding diet, for example.

Abigail Wheeler, 17, the south-west
My dad is from South Africa and thought it was strange at first


I went vegan for three reasons: animals, health and the environment. People worry about the lack of B vitamins when going vegan, especially B12, so I eat food supplemented with it, such as nutritional yeast. Being vegan is inherently quite healthy, however, because you eat so much fruit and veg.

My dad thought it was really strange at first hes from South Africa where they have heavily meat-based diets. He feeds me beans all the time, as he worries about me getting enough protein. My mum has always been supportive. She is a coeliac and has other food intolerances, so we have always had alternative stuff at home.

There is a community of vegans online, but I only know one other person at my school who has chosen this diet. There are a few vegans on my Facebook, too, but they can be a bit preachy. I try to spread the vegan message positively instead of forcefully.

I follow veganism in every way: I buy products that havent been tested on animals, but if I have an animal product, such as the leather shoes from before I went vegan, then I wont throw it away. I think its wasteful.

Isabella Hood, 15, Matakana, New Zealand
Veganism is the only sustainable choice for people


I had my eight-month vegaversary recently. I became vegan after a friend was interested in it and gave me a few videos to watch two of which were Cowspiracy and Earthlings. There was no going back. I pretty much went vegan overnight. My parents are not vegan (for now) and my mum worries a lot about me getting a balanced diet and makes sure I eat lots of nuts and vegetables. This is a huge help because I can be lazy about this. My dad mainly just teases me.

The main reason I became vegan was because I see all animals as my friends and I would not want to eat a pig, just as I would not want to eat a dog. Every animal is a living, breathing and feeling creature who doesnt want to die. I dont want to contribute to their deaths.

There is so much I could say about why veganism is the only sustainable choice for people. I could spout so many shocking statistics and facts. For example, animal agriculture is the leading cause of Co2 emissions, deforestation and pollution of our waterways. It has been predicted that if the whole world went vegan, then world hunger could be solved five times over. Humans are taking the Earth for more then shes got and its killing it.

Me and my vegan friends connect a lot through Facebook. Im in countless vegan groups and get updates on upcoming events such as vegan food fairs and protests. I use these groups to ask questions and discuss ideas with like-minded vegans. I also watch quite a few vegan YouTubers, who are very inspirational. A few of my favorites are Bonnie Rebecca and Freelee the Banana Girl.

A lot of the vegans I meet online are young. This is perhaps because us younger people are the ones who are going to have to live on this planet in decades to come and we want to take care of it. We want to help save it from the damage that has already be done in anyway that we can.

Megan Malthouse, 17, Hampshire
On Instagram, people make veganism look like a very desirable lifestyle

I have been following a vegan diet for about three years. When I started out, I mainly did it for health reasons and to lose weight. Thats changed and now I am a vegan more for environmental reasons and to protect animals, although I am still drawn by the health benefits. I have been influenced by documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Earthlings, and also watching 101 Reasons to Go Vegan on YouTube.

I follow it in a strict way, so I dont buy any products tested on animals, or leather. I have some leather items from before I became vegan that I havent thrown out, but when they become worn out, I wont replace them.

Being vegan isnt as tough as it might seem for a teenager. For example, its not as expensive as people make out. I have supportive parents who help me get alternative products. When I first went vegan, I was the only person to do this, which felt a bit isolating, but now I know seven or eight people following the diet. More young people are into it (especially at about my age) because publicity for it has grown on social media, especially on Instagram. Young people like to have control over something, and what you eat is one thing you can have control of.

I do think that celebrities going vegan also makes a difference. On Instagram, people make veganism look like a very desirable lifestyle, and young girls can be influenced by that. They always show pictures of vegan people looking beautiful and healthy. Thats not what its about for me, though. I see it more as a compassionate movement that I want to play a big role in.

Coleen Brennan, 14, Scotland
I have greater respect for celebrities who are vegan


I became vegan about eight months ago. I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time as I was really interested in healthy eating and wanted to lose weight. I came across a few people on YouTube who were vegan. It was a lifestyle I didnt really understand (I used to be a meat-eater who would make fun of vegetarians), but after some research I decided to try it.

My mum was fine with this, but I could tell she didnt think I would be able to stick at it. A couple of weeks after eating a vegan diet, I realised the reality of being vegan also meant not wearing leather, etc. I have not bought any leather, wool or other animal skins since then. I try my best to buy cosmetics that are not tested on animals, but as I dont wear a lot of makeup anyway, that isnt a problem. I would say I follow veganism pretty strictly, but when mistakes happen I try not to beat myself up about it.

My mum and dad are very supportive. In fact, my mum loves to try vegan recipes. I make sure I stay healthy by eating bigger portions , as you need to eat more to get the same nutrients when youre vegan, which is great for food lovers. I also take a daily B12 supplement.

I didnt tell my friends at the start, as I was afraid they would judge me for it. Some people do, but my real friends are understanding, even though a lot of them make jokes about it.

Veganism is a lot more popular among teens these days. Ive seen so many people become vegan recently. I wouldnt say I was influenced by celebrities, more by people on YouTube, but when I see celebrities who are vegan it gives me a greater respect for them.

Becoming vegan has affected every aspect of my life. Its the best decision Ive ever made. I am more energetic and motivated to be healthy. My skin is less spotty, which is also great. It has given me so much confidence, and my dance teachers have even commented on how much better I perform in class.

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I had to leave my partner to lose weight – BBC News

Celena gained five stone (32kg) during the first three years of her relationship with her partner Pete. Here she describes how they broke the cycle of unhealthy eating by spending 10 weeks apart.

A year ago I refused to look at myself in a full-length mirror. I was a size 26 and my large belly repulsed me. I lived in leggings and baggy tunic tops that I bought at plus-size shops to try to hide my shape.

But if you had known me then you wouldn’t have guessed. I always tried to put on a happy front even though I was unhappy with myself. Not even my partner Pete knew just how bad I felt. But then Pete was one of the reasons I weighed 22 stone (140kg).

Pete and I met three years ago. I was already overweight but during our relationship I put on another five stone. He would do most of the cooking and made huge portions, it was how he showed me he cared. If I asked him to bring back a chocolate bar he would bring back a selection of five.

Image copyright BBC/Renegade Pictures
Image caption Celena now does more of the cooking at home

We encouraged each other in our bad habits. We would also get two takeaways a week, like Chinese or pizza. We each have a child from previous relationships and on weekends we would often eat out and have treats like ice cream. When I had our son Cameron a year in to our relationship I didn’t lose the baby weight.

That’s one reason why I wanted to do BBC One’s Lose Weight For Love. As part of the show we separated for 10 weeks while we worked on our own issues around food and exercise. I thought that if we tried to tackle it together we would sabotage each other. I stayed at our home in Warrington with the kids, while Pete moved to his sister’s house in the Wirral. It was tough as we hadn’t spent a night apart since we had got together but I knew it was something we needed to do.

I had just started training to be a midwife and I didn’t want to feel like a hypocrite advising women about the dangers of obesity during pregnancy when I couldn’t manage my own weight.

Find out more

Lose Weight For Love was broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday 25 May – watch it on the BBC iPlayer.

I met Tanya Byron, a clinical psychologist, who encouraged me to face how I felt about myself. I’m not really an emotional person but during our chats I always seemed to end up crying. She said: “You can’t wait to become happy. If you think ‘I’ll be happy when I lose x amount of weight’ it will never happen.”

We did some exercises to build up my confidence. On one occasion the show producer rang me up and told me I’d be seeing Tanya the next day. He said: “Wear what you want but Tanya says you may want to shave your legs.” I thought we were getting pedicures.

Image copyright BBC/Renegade Pictures

However, when I arrived the next day I was told I would be posing as a model for an art class. I had a sheet wrapped around under my arms down to my calves to cover my body but I still felt absolute panic. I knew the artists would be studying my every lump and bump rather than focusing on my personality and it made me feel so vulnerable. I was shaking during the first sitting.

Then I had a chance to look at the pictures the group had drawn. They saw me so differently from how I pictured myself. I thought they would have drawn me a lot bigger and it made me realise how wrong I was. I felt empowered and even enjoyed the second and third sitting. By the end I was showing most of my legs! It was a really important turning point for me, especially as it was something I had done on my own.

We also went to a bridal shop. I had refused to get married as I was too embarrassed to try on a wedding dress but I managed to face that fear with Tanya’s help. Once I put one on, I realised that I actually looked nice.

Image copyright BBC/Renegade Pictures

As my confidence grew, so did my motivation to stick with the nutritional plan and exercise routine the experts had drawn up. I was able to focus on eating the right things as I didn’t have to worry about what Pete thought about the meals. When I tried to lose weight before, he would suggest a takeaway to celebrate if I had been doing well, which undid the work. My friend Trisha joined the gym with me and we also did circuits in the garden.

Pete’s vegetable diet

My family always had bad eating habits. Every Friday we would have a chippy tea and the vegetable drawer in the fridge was full of chocolate. It was our way of showing we cared about each other.

I didn’t realise I had been making things worse for Celena by buying her chocolate. When I realised how unhappy she was I felt angry with myself for not having thought about it.

I grew up hating vegetables and wouldn’t touch them as an adult. As part of my new regime I ate some raw vegetables every day for two weeks. I dreaded it but the more I was exposed to them the easier they were to stomach. Now I will eat anything.

My biggest motivation for improving my healthy was my kids. My dad had been big for as long as I could remember and he is very poorly now. I don’t want my kids to have to go through that with me. I want a long and healthy life for my family.

I’m a trainee midwife and work regular night shifts – this was always tough as I’d be eating at funny times. I’d crave carbs in the early hours and there were always boxes of chocolates and biscuits left by new mums to say thank you. I began bringing in carrot sticks and cucumber to snack on instead.

After 10 weeks Pete and I reunited. I was so emotional when I saw him. He had tackled his own issues while we were apart and had lost two-and-a-half stone (16kg) of fat and put on one stone (6kg) in muscle. He looked a lot fitter and had got over his fear of eating vegetables. Now there isn’t anything he won’t try. He didn’t tell me all the details of what he went through though, as he wanted it to be a surprise when we watched the programme together.

Image caption Celena and Pete before (left) and after (right) their 10-week separation

During the final weigh-in I found out I’d lost three stone (19kg). I still go to the gym. I have a family membership now and I often go with my teenage daughter Kailey. I go to my local slimming club to keep track of my weight. For meals Pete and I have a plate which has a third of vegetables, a third of protein and a third of carbohydrates. If I have a treat it will be something like a Curly Wurly rather than one of those large bars of chocolate.

I now weigh 17st 8lbs (112kg). In this last month I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I’ve had my midwife exams but because of my diet I’ve been able to maintain my weight. That’s something I’ve never managed to do before.

I went shopping on the high street yesterday. I’m a size 18 to 20 (US size 14 to 16) and I felt good in everything I tried on. Now I wear dresses or trousers with a fitted top. I can also look at myself in the mirror. When I see my stretch marks I think: “This is a body that has had two children.” That’s something to be proud of.

Celena spoke to Claire Bates.

Follow Claire Bates on Twitter @batesybates

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4 ways to turn on your weight-loss hormones | Fox News

Though you might blame intense period cravings on your hormones, those little guys also have the power to make you put down the Rocky Road, build more muscle during every workout, and rev your metabolism. So yeah, you might owe them an apology.

Heres how to naturally boost your hormone levels and make weight loss so much easier:

1. Curb Cravings All Day Long
Commonly dubbed the satiety or feel-full hormone, leptin decreases your appetite. After it’s released from your bodys fat cells, the hormone acts on your brains hypothalamus, where it combats its nemesis ghrelin, the hunger hormone, said Alissa Rumsey, R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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In overweight and obese women, chronically high levels of the satiety hormone can lead to leptin resistance (the more fat you have, the more leptin your body will produce). But most women actually have low levels of the hormone, making you super hungry.

Your move: sleep. Sleep deprivation significantly slashes leptin levels, according to a 2012 review published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. That explains why people with sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, commonly battle with their weight, said Dr. Brian Quebbemann, a bariatric surgeon with the Chapman Medical Center in California and president of The N.E.W. Program. For optimum levels, research from Brigham Young University suggests that women get between 6.5 hours and 8.5 hours of sleep per night, and crash at the same time every day. So start working on that sleep schedule!

2. Build Fat-Burning Muscle
Women generally think of testosterone as a manly hormone, and ladies do have far less T than our hairy counterparts. But teeny levels of that hormone mean tiny weight-loss results.

Testosterone is actually one of your body’s primary muscle-building hormones. And the more muscle your have, the more calories you burn while doing literally nothing, Quebbemann said. What’s more, low levels of testosterone promote insulin resistance, encouraging your body to store calories as fat, said Pat Gilles, C.S.C.S., a Wisconsin-based trainer.

Your move: Pick up something heavy. Lifting heavy weights is the best way to promote the release of muscle-building, fat-burning testosterone, Gilles said. (By heavy, we mean enough resistance that you can only do three-to-four sets of six-to-10 reps with proper form). Whats more, performing compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and assisted pullups uses more muscle fibers and spurs optimum testosterone levels, he said.

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3. Give Your Meals True Staying Power
Every time you eat, your intestines release cholecystokinin, glucagon-like peptide 1, and peptide YY (otherwise known as CCK, GLP-1, and PYY, stick with us). These hormones slow down the movement of food through your GI tract. The result of slow-moving food is that you literally stay full long after your meal, which prevents overeating, says Rumsey.

Your move: Eat protein, fat, and complex carbs at each meal. To increase your meal’s staying power, first focus on consuming at least 20 to 25 grams of protein at every meal. After all, research from the University of Cambridge shows that high-protein meals, breakfasts specifically, lead to the greatest increases in some of these satiating hormones. Then, make sure to add in vegetable fats and fiber from complex carbs, both of which will improve levels of the gastric-delaying hormones, she says. Think: a veggie and avocado omelet with a piece of whole-wheat toast.

4. Set Your Metabolism Straight
Your thyroid, a bat-shaped gland in your neck, produces various thyroid hormones including T3 and T4, which control how many calories you burn just sitting on your butt.

Generally, autoimmune diseases are the cause of big problems in your thyroid hormone levels. So if you suddenly gain weight, notice your hair thinning, or experience extreme fatigue, reach out to your doc, ASAP, said Dr. Steven Lamm, a clinical professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine and author of Fighting Fat. However, even healthy women can experience thyroid hormone dips that cause your metabolism to stall. 

Your move: Eat more seafood. Since iodine deficiency can cause your thyroid to malfunction, try to eat more iodine-rich seafood, such as cod, tuna, and shrimp. Seaweed is also one of the best sources of iodine around, according to the National Institutes of Health. Just check your packages label, as iodine content can vary widely between brands. 

It’s time to get those hormones turnt, baby! 

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Surgery should be used to treat type 2 diabetes, say international experts

Guidance says operations to shrink stomach should be offered to anyone with condition who is obese if other methods have not succeeded

Stomach-shrinking surgery should be a routine treatment for people with type 2 diabetes, international experts say, recommending it be offered to as many as 100,000 people in the UK.

A mere 6,000 people with the condition have surgery at the moment and the numbers have dropped from 8,800 three years ago as the NHS has comes under increasing financial pressure. But experts say more operations, costing 5,000 to 6,000 a time, would save money in the long term on diabetes medication and the cost of treating complications, which include heart attacks and strokes as well as blindness and foot amputations.

At the moment, bariatric surgery, such as gastric bands and bypasses, is offered to people who are severely obese and has the effect of drastically limiting the amount they can eat. Type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity, although not in all cases, but the experts say what in this context they call metabolic surgery actually changes what happens in the gut, impacting on the hormones that regulate insulin. Within three months, most people are off medication and their quality of life is dramatically improved.

In a joint statement, 45 international organisations, doctors and researchers in diabetes say surgery should be considered as a treatment option for anybody with type 2 diabetes who is obese or even mildly obese (with a body mass index of more than 30) if drugs and lifestyle changes diets and exercise do not succeed in keeping their glucose levels under control.

Were changing the paradigm, said Prof Sir George Alberti, a diabetologist and former president of the Royal College of Physicians.

There was huge need because of the global diabetes pandemic, he said. In 1979, there were approaching 100 million people worldwide with diabetes. Last year that had risen to 422 million, although the figure was probably an underestimate. Global obesity had fuelled it type 1 diabetes, which is usually genetic and found in younger people, amounted to only 5-10% of the total.

In the UK there are about 3.5 million people, of whom half a million dont know they have got it, which is an indictment of our screening programme, he said. It is a 60% increase in 10 years. It is going up and up and is obviously a problem.

Treating diabetes and its complications has been estimated to cost almost 10bn a year, nearly a tenth of the entire NHS budget. Patients are put on drugs and advised to improve their lifestyles, but many find it hard to lose weight and keep it off. Well under half of people with type 2 diabetes are not well controlled and regulated. Their glucose is too high and they will get complications, he said.

It has been recognised since the 1920s that changes to the gut can improve diabetes control and even cure the condition, but in recent years there has been growing interest in surgery as treatment. Some patients are off insulin and other medications within weeks of their operation. Studies show the effect lasting for five years, although 30% to 40% relapse after that time. Patients can only eat small portions of food after surgery and some things, such as meat and bread, are hard to digest.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has recommended surgery for severely obese patients who have tried and failed to lose weight in other ways and has said that those with diabetes are a priority. But the recommendations have not resulted in an expansion of surgery. Alberti said the UK was well behind the rest of Europe in offering surgery to obese patients, let alone diabetes. The average in Europe is 50,000 operations a year, he said. We are just scratching around.

The experts are publishing new guidance, which they hope will encourage countries to expand the surgery available to patients, in Diabetes Care, ajournalofthe American Diabetes Association.

Prof Francesco Rubino, the chair of metabolic and bariatric surgery at Kings College London and author of a commentary published in the journal Nature to coincide with the publication, emphasised that this was a sea change in the treatment of diabetes.

This is the greatest departure from mainstream treatments of diabetes perhaps since insulin was introduced, he said.

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Former Miss Universe Says Trump Called Her ‘Miss Piggy,’ ‘Miss Housekeeping’

The winner of the 1996 Miss Universe competition said Donald Trump, who owned the pageant company until last year, body-shamed her and mocked her Latina heritage. 

Alicia Machado, who won the Miss Venezuela pageant in 1995 and went on to be crowned Miss Universe the following year, told “Inside Edition” last week that she faced verbal abuse from Trump “all the time” after she gained weight following the pageant.

“He called me Miss Piggy,” she told “Inside Edition.” “I was very depressed.” 

He also openly derided her weight in a interview with radio host Howard Stern, describing her as an “eating machine.”

Machado said Trump also made fun of her English language skills and called her “Miss Housekeeping” in an apparent jab at her Venezuelan accent. 

Machado’s interview came on the heels of a New York Times investigation into Trump’s private interactions with women. Machado told the paper that Trump publicly shamed her for gaining weight and invited dozens of media outlets to watch her work out at a hotel in New York City. 

“After that episode, I was sick, anorexia and bulimia for five years,” she said. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone to a lot of psychologists to combat this.”

Trump admitted to the Times that he had pressed the former Miss Universe to lose weight.

Machado is in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, and will be able to cast a vote in November’s general election. When asked if she would vote for Trump, she laughed. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted at Machado after the interview, congratulating her on her impending citizenship. 

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Social Media Actually Changed My Relationship With My Body For The Better

When it comes to social media, many of us don’t realize just how much we get out of it. I spent some time last week thinking about how much I’ve gotten out of being on the Internet, and it reminded me I have so much to be thankful for.

For most of us, social media is a big part of our lives, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you use social media for work, to meet new people or to simply to catch up with friends, chances are, you’ll use it at some point. In fact, for many of us,checking our social media feeds throughout the day is as natural as reading a newspaper.

The truth is, thanks to our smartphones, we can know what our friends are up to a click of a button, and we really do use it to our advantage. But, what does it teach us?

1. I am worthy.

Perhaps one of the biggest things I’ve learned from social media is that I am worthy. Since becoming a plus-size blogger, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a network of plus-size women who are beautiful and strong. They have taught me so much.

When you search hashtags like #psbloggers,you will see a plethora of women doing their thing and doing it well. It’s so inspirational to be surrounded by this type of positive media, and it has been so beneficial to me as a person.

2. I can change my life.

Asa social media user, I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements for weight-loss methods such as body wraps and diet pills. While most people think these types of advertisements can damage self-esteem, I prefer to read why people have decided to change their relationships with their personal health.

Forexample, rather than just finding out how to lose weight, I want to read about how you are happier now or what has improved in your life since losing weight. I love a good success story. For me, losing weight isn’t an achievement, but the journey is. I like to read stories of people setting a goal for themselves and achieving it. Social media lets me read all about these various stories and experiences.

3. I now have writing skills.

One of the nicest things about social media is that I get to be an active part of it. I get to write on my blog and share articles online about the things I care most about. This is a fantastic experience, and it’s one I wouldn’t change for the world.

For me, it’s been fantastic because I’ve been able to perfect my writing skills. My creativity is growing, and I’m able to share articles about my own personal journey as a plus-size blogger.

4. I can experience new things.

Thanks to social media, I have been introduced to a whole new host of people. This has helped me experience new social scenes. I’ve attended blogger events, been a plus-size model, helped promote brands, had makeovers, won awards and so much more.

While a lot of this is because I’m part of the plus-size blogging scene, none of it wouldhave been possible without social media.Social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram are great because they always help me feel like a blogger, even when I’ve taken a little break from the blog itself.

So, all in all, social media has benefited me in many ways.I’m sure many people have had similar experiences. Whether we use social media to socialize, learn new skills, job hunt or something more, there is so much that can be taken from the online world.

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How To Shop For Clothes That Actually Fit When You’re In Between Sizes

A few days ago, I decided make likeEminem and clean the ever-loving crap out of my closet.What I found was a mass of crop tops, jeans that no longer fit me, and bandage dresses. My closet was like Kim pre-Kanye, and I was about to get all Monica Rose up in it.

After sending off two giant bags to the Salvation Army andreceiving store credit at Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange, I was able to finally reassess what’s left of my tiny-ass closet.As I hung my clothes back up, I began to seea pattern.

Actually, let me rephrase that: there was no pattern. All of my clothes were different sizes.

I don’t normally look at the size tags on my clothes for the same reason I avoid scales I don’t want to know. I mean, sure, I’ll look at them when I’m clothes shopping, but I do my best to not think about whether I’m a size Medium or Large too much.

However, when I went through my wardrobe, I found virtually everything from XS to XXL. And here’s the thing: It allfit me!

When you’re an average woman (read: neither traditionally skinny nor plus-size) you’re always ping-ponging between sizes. You can be a small in one store and an XXL in another. Worse yet, sometimes one is too big and the other too small. How are any of ussupposed to make sense of all that?

Fellow in-between girls, here are the tips that help me make sense of the world.


If you’re struggling between a size small and a medium, choosethe medium.

It’s not that you won’t lose weight or eventually fit into the smaller size, but the larger size is the better investment. Remember, it’s easier to take something in than it is to take something out.

If the bigger size is a bit too long or baggy, take it to the tailor. Seriously, tailors are a girl’s best friend — that is, right after puppies and that Drake-powered vibrator.

Dont be afraid of stretch.

Stretchy things (think Spandex-y jeans and jersey anything) are made to have a bit of give. If you’re an in-betweenie, that extra room allows you the freedom of mobility.

This is also great if you’re currently in the process of losing weight, but don’t want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe just yet. Stretchy always things fit well, no matter your hip size or arm jiggle.

Try everything on.

My closest friend is always a size 4 no matter what brand she wears, so she virtually never tries anything on.Unlike her, I fluctuate. I can go from a size 4 to a 10 in the same day, depending on the material and store.

The only way to tell if something fits you is to try iton. Eyeballing it might work some of the time, but we rarely see ourselves as we really are and will inevitably buy something thatdoesn’t fit.

Stop reading labels.

No one careswhat size you are. All anyone notices is whether or not that particular piece of clothing looks good on you. The only times anyone will see your size tags are when you’re taking off your clothes or when you accidentally wear something inside out.

If it’s the former, your partner should be happy you’re getting naked. If it’s the latter, they’ll be too busy laughing at you to care that you’re wearing your post-Thanksgiving turkey pants.

Invest in high-qualityunderwear.

A great, well-fitted bra and panty will improve your posture, make you look more together and make your clothes fit a million times better.

Also, try to finally get a decent bra fitting — you can even get one online through sites like True and Co. I personally love the Natori Feathers bra. That one you got with your mom around the time offirst training bra might beready for retirement.


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‘He’s not eating Oreos any more’: Donald Trump weighs in for Chris Christie

Republican presumptive nominee helps New Jersey governor pay down debt from his own failed presidential bid at fundraiser mixing jibes with jingo

Chris Christies pained facial expressions standing behind Donald Trump during the presumptive nominees Super Tuesday victory speech made the New Jersey governor a national laughing stock. On Thursday Christie got reimbursed up to $400,000 for his dignity.

In a campaign fundraiser at a National Guard armory in a bucolic Trenton suburb, Trump gave a speech to a crowd of hundreds, many of whom had paid up to $200 to attend. Trump stuck to familiar themes about immigration and trade, adding a new wrinkle by saying: Who the hell cares if theres a trade war [with China]?

The event, accompanied by a high-dollar fundraiser for the New Jersey Republican party, represented a Trump rally in miniature. The same blaring soundtrack, the same ardent shouts of Build The Wall, but all for the first time to a paying crowd, in an attempt to clear outstanding campaign debt from Christies unsuccessful presidential bid. The presumptive nominee boasted as he took the stage: Chris paid off his entire debt tonight. The whole debt!

Thursday marked one of the first fundraising events for Trump, who long insisted throughout his presidential primary that he was self-funding his campaign. However, the presumptive nominee has now announced that he will raise money in the general election and entered into a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee earlier this week to funnel donations to what has long been predicted to be a billion-dollar campaign.

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Everything You Need To Know About Using A Waist Trainer Like Kim Kardashian

I think it’s safe to say we’d all love to score a tiny waist and some killer curves with minimal effort.

While there is no magic diet pill to give you the body of your dreams, there is a shortcut to getting that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted.

Waist trainers.

Yep, if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you may have seen some of their selfies showing off the power of waist training.

I’m really obsessed with waist training! Thank you @premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

If you haven’t heard of waist training before, let me fill you in.

Waist training involves wearing a corset or waist trainer (AKA tight bands of material usually made out nylon and neoprene) to shed inches from your midsection.

The logic behind this fad is pretty simple.

After wearing this thing for some time, your body will start to conform to the shape of the rigid waist trainer, thus losing inches and creating the appearance of a slimmer waistline in the process.

Waist training is nothing new. Corsets have been around for ages and waist shapers are popular in South America.

But thanks to a handful of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, waist trainers are also starting to become pretty mainstream in America.

This leaves us with a few important questions about waist training:

First of all, does waist training actually work?

Since I’m always down to lose weight the lazy way, I jumped on the waist-training bandwagon a while back.

To be completely honest, I actually saw Kim Kardashian sporting one of these bad boys in a mirror selfie on Instagram, and I knew I had to try it.

For two months, I wore my waist training corset every day.

I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, but two corsets and three-and-a-half inches later, I can attest these things actually do work.

I didn’t lose much weight in the process, but waist training totally delivered when it came to turning my straight, boyish midsection into the sexy, curvy hourglass figure I was never able to achieve from eating rabbit food and spending hours in the gym.

What should you expect when waist training?

If you’re ready to embark on your journey to a smaller middle, you should know waist training isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Yep, saying these things cause discomfort would be an understatementbecause, as you can imagine, suffocating your midsection by wrapping a tight band around it for hours at a time will make you pretty miserable.

For the first week, I’m pretty sure I had a severe case of RBF that basically put Kanye’s infamous expression to shame. However, you do get used to it after some time, and as the inches come off, wearing this torture device becomes much more bearable.

Are there any drawbacks to waist training?

The answer is yes. While I slowly watched my middle whittle away, I did notice one major issue.

I’m pretty sure this device was actually making my core weaker. Within the two months of wearing this thing 24/7, I went from having strong, defined abs to having a skinnier stomach with no definition.

However, once I stopped wearing my waist trainer during the day and started only wearing it at night, my abs returned. Plus, I found wearing this thing while I slept was a lot more bearable than running around with it on all day.

Wearing my waist trainer at night also solved all of my wardrobe woes, since I no longer needed to figure out how to look chic while concealing this damn thing under my clothes.

Waist trainers severely limit your #OOTD options, since it’s pretty hard to conceal a neon pink corset under any garments that are cropped, fitted or remotely sheer.

Most importantly, is waist training safe?

While we all want sexy, to-die-for curves, I think it’s safe to say none of us actually want to die in the process of getting them.

There’s a lot of controversysurrounding waist training. While there are those who claim waist training is completely safe, some health professionalssay waist trainers come with a variety of health risks.

Corsets and waist trainers may squeeze the ribs, restrict blood flow and prevent your lungs from fully expanding, which can result in difficulty breathing, dizziness and fainting.

But that’s not all. Putting constant pressure on your internal organs can result in health problems that range from chronic pain and bruisingto high blood pressure, heartburn, constipation and, in severe cases, fractured ribs.

So, what’s the final verdict ?

In most cases, people can wear waist trainers without running into any major medical problems.

However, most experts don’t see waist trainers as an effective long-term solution to staying slim.

Waist trainers are not intended to be worn for extended periods of time and the results produced in the short run don’t normally last.

I know, life can be so unfair.

Waist trainers don’t really eliminate fat, they simply compress it and move it around. So once you finally decide to ditch the corset, you’ll inevitably end up right back at square one.

The bottom line is, waist training can provide you with a temporary, quick-fix for your waistline but experts are still mixed about the possible negative effects.

If you want a more permanent solution, you’re going to have to rely on the old-fashioned method of diet and exercise to get the waist you want.

Disclaimer: Author is writing based on personal experience and is nota medical or health professional.

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Could Exercise and Our Obsession with the Calorie be Making Us Fat

So much time, money, and, well, energy are put into burning off all that food. But does that really make a difference?”>

We eat too much. Period.

And because we eat too much, we try to cancel the calories in with calories out equation via exercise. We use exercise as our safety net for our eating habits.

But the math isnt that simple. And too much exercise might even be making us fat. There, I said it.

Exercise poses tremendous benefits to the mind and body, and I am a huge advocate for incorporating as much active livingtaking the stairs while at workor physical activity into our lives as possible. Who doesnt like planking next to a tree in Central Park on a Saturday morning among the hordes of smoking, European tourists who just watch and stare at us crazy, fitness-obsessed Americans?

But it could be all for naught if the intention of our exercise is for weight loss.

Since the 1980s, the U.S. has gotten measurably fatter. Have our lifestyles changed? In one way they have not. We move no more now than we did 30 years ago. According to a 2008 study in the International Journal of Obesity, our energy output has not declined since the 1980s and matches energy expenditures of wild mammals. In fact, we are only getting fatter, as obesity rates have more than doubled over the past 35 years.

What does this mean?

We should not feel guilty sitting on our couches while binging on Game of Thrones because we did the same thing with the Back to The Future movies in the 80swhen we were still thin. The only difference is wallpaper is no longer in vogue, VCRs are a foreign concept to my seven-year-old nephew, and I spend way too much time talking about the Nights Watch.

But physical inactivity is one thing. Exercising to lose weight, however, is the question at hand.

How certain are we that exercise doesnt help with weight loss?

Vox media recently reported about it: Why you shouldnt exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies, and hit-home the message that exercise is excellent for health, but not for weight-loss. Its a great read. The New York Times touched on the subject in 2014.

Ive taken things a step further by arguing exercise, particularly too much, might be making us fat.

How so?

One theory is that exercise may make us feel like we earned our foodour reward for all that hard cardio or heavy lifting. We exercise and then we gorge. We may even drink a beer to keep the high goingmore empty calories. The former is called an acute eating episode. Ive fallen victim to it. The latter happens because I grew up in Milwaukee.

According to a 2011 study in the Journal of Obesity, for some obese individuals who exercised under medium-term supervision for a 12-week intervention, the physical activity increased the reward value of high-energy food for themlike sweets or pizzaand diminished the impact of exercise on fat loss. It didnt happen with everyone, and it was a small sample size of only 34 obese male and female participants, but the take away is that if you go into your exercise program and already have an increased liking for foods, this can make you eat more calorie-dense, high-energy foods in response to exercise.

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Its almost like were avoiding the real problemour food addictionwhen we exercise; or we exercise to cancel out our food choices later.

Consider that excessive exercising and dieting could flare up an acute eating episodea typical slice of pizza has 410 calories. This wont solve any problems.

Exercise also might radically slow down the metabolism if you work out really hard for months on end like we witnessed in a study about The Biggest Loser contestants from season 8 (this is not what I would consider a normal or healthy weight loss procedure).

These calories mean nothing because the majority of what is being burned is glucose to fuel movement, stored as liver and muscle glycogen or circulating blood. A typical person has about 1500 calories of available glycogen in the body. Glucose is what fuels most of our explosive movement, not our belly fat, when doing burpees with Bob the trainer.

So whats the point of all this?

Thinking that exercise cancels the food we eat really boils down to our obsession with the calorie.

According to this 2014 paper in the journal Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, the answer for weight loss may be found in what we eat and the climate in which we live.

Increasing exercise time may not be a major factor in obesity prevention for the general public. Simply increasing activity through exercise in the absence of a significant lifestyle dietary modification is unlikely to have a significant impact. On the other hand, lifestyle modifications involving diet alone can significantly impact both obesity and chronic disease, the authors of the paper write.

Simply put, exercise without changing food habits probably wont result in weight loss. Better yet, place all your bets on changing your food game if youre to do anything at all.

And lead author Ray Cronise of the study, a former NASA scientist who was obese and pre-diabetic, turned his life around by doing exactly what the paper suggests: eating nutrient-dense foods and calorically restricting what he ate.

His book, Our Broken Plate, a top-ten funded Kickstarter journalism project of all time, is due to come out late summer where he addresses the dialogue surrounding food, the American obsession with the calorie, as well as the unintended health consequences driving chronic overnutrition as a result of our society organizing foods as proteins, carbs, and fats.

Exercise causes energy loss, but it does not necessarily cause fat loss. And interestingly enough, though we are moving just as much now as we did 30 years ago, the number of overnourished people exceeded the undernourished in 2011, according to this World Disasters report.

Lesson learned, exercise might not be the most efficient way to rid the excess fat weve accumulated through our overnourishment. Do wild animals exercise? In nature, animals eat to support their activity. Humans do the opposite: we do activity to support our eating. We might be the only species that intentionally exercises to off-set the consumption of calories we consume, and something is not working.

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