How Can You Naturally Tighten Skin after Weight Loss?


Did you go through a weight loss regime recently? One serious problem faced by people getting rapid weight loss is loose skin. You might have loose skin on your stomach or on the thighs or arms. It is very important to tighten skin after weight loss. A certain amount of loose skin is present in the body of each and every person but you need to make sure that it is not excessive.

There are certain products like skin tightening creams such as skin tight, body sculpt and no more double chins and so on for this purpose. Body wrap is the other option available. But it is always better to use natural methods in the beginning because they are safe. In extreme cases you might have to go for surgery.
The surgery meant for tightening the skin after weight loss is risky as well as costly. Therefore, you should wait for at least 2 years before you consider the surgery. Here are certain tips which can help you start the process to tighten skin after weight loss.

1. Start with the right kind of exercises to tighten skin after weight loss. If you start toning your muscles it will make your skin firm. Some of the weight training exercises which can be of help are crunches, pushups, squats, sit-ups and lunges. You can even lift weights to build muscles. But before doing these exercises you need to talk to a fitness trainer. It is important to find out the right way to do these exercises. You might get injured if you do not know the right way.

2. Do you know you can use loofah to tighten your skin? Loofah is an inexpensive product which can exfoliate your skin. It has the power to dig deep inside the pores on the skin and clean the dirt, dead cells, grime and toxins. If you have loose skin then you should always keep it clean. It will also ensure a better absorption of the creams and moisturizers.

3. You need to pay attention to the food you eat. To keep your skin firm and elastic you need to stimulate the development of elastin and collagen. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, soy products and artichoke hearts have antioxidants, vitamins and biotins which are necessary for the production of collagen. You can also eat high protein food like legumes, fish, nuts, milk, beans and yogurt.

4. You can massage your skin with cocoa and shea butter to tighten it after weight loss. You need to cover the loose areas of your skin with organic cocoa butter. This is one of the ways to keep your skin moist as well as elastic. Shea butter can be massaged on the loose skin during the night as well as in the morning.

5. You must understand that you need to have patience to tighten skin after weight loss. Plastic surgery is an option but do not take hasty decisions regarding that. But surgery is one of the permanent ways of getting rid of loose skin.


Top Tips on How to Tighten Loose Skin on Stomach


How to tighten loose skin on your stomach is a common question among people who have recently lost lots of weight or among women who have been pregnant. If you are worried about the loose skin on your stomach then you need to find the best ways on how to tighten loose skin on stomach.

Some people have the idea of giving a call to the plastic surgeon to get rid of the skin but this is not the right decision. Instead of going the painful way you can always look up to some of the best abdominal exercises and yoga to get a perfectly shaped tummy.

Weight loss is a major issue and you need to deal with it cleverly. There are different kinds of weight loss programs available on the internet these days from,, fast track to weight loss, fit over 40, fat loss 4 idiots and the diet solution programs and much more.

But each of these programs might not offer the desired result in weight loss. When we are talking about the abdominal skin then it is important for us to find out some important facts.

The skin on the abdomen is different from the other parts of the body. This skin is known to contain subcutaneous tissue which stores fat. The skin can store at least 7 inches of fat. This is actually a natural method of storing food for the body in case a famine strikes.

A small amount of cushioning for the tummy skin is important for everybody even for the fittest of people. There are people who take up an excessive dieting routine to get rid of the loose stomach skin, and might fall seriously ill after a certain period of time.

Make sure you do not confuse the loose skin with excessive fat. You must always stay away from rapid weight loss programs. Rapid weight loss programs might be responsible for excessive loose skin on the stomach.

You should allow less than three pounds of weight loss every week. Do you know that you can help your stomach skin tighten with the help of a loofah? You can use the loofah twice every day. Lifting weights can also be a way to get rid of loose skin.

You can lift weights even as a method of weight loss. Practice stomach crunches because it is an important way to lose excessive stomach fat and tighten up the skin. There are yoga exercises which can tighten the skin just below the navel.

The two top exercises are cobra yoga which is the abdominal exercise and the upward facing dog exercise. The exercises might seem difficult in the beginning. In both these exercises you need to lie on your stomach and push yourself upwards with your hands.

Natural methods for how to tighten lose skin on stomach will have no side effects. You must follow a diet without sugar or sweet products. There are number of treatments available like the sagging skin treatment but the treatment can have bad impact on the body.

5 Natural Tips on How to Lose Stretch Marks


How to lose stretch marks is a common question these days. If you have stretch marks on your body then there can be two reasons for it. You might either have lost a considerable amount of weight recently or you have been pregnant. Women can have the marks for both the reasons while men will have the stretch marks only for the first reason.

We all are afraid of these marks because we know that it is not at all easy to get rid of them. These marks can either be reddish in color or even purple. When these marks start coming up they are not very bright but with time they tend to become visible. You should use methods to get rid of the stretch marks early because in the later stages it might not only become difficult to get rid of them but can also be expensive.

Rapid weight gain and loss can be a cause of these marks. The middle layer of the skin or the dermis is put under strain which in turn damages the supporting fibers. You must stay away from food which might result in rapid weight gain as well as from the rapid weight loss programs.

A balanced diet full of vitamin C and E can help you achieve a stretch mark free skin. Online programs like fast track to fat loss, 7 minute muscle, total body makeover and many more might offer great solution for weight loss but stretch marks might be common problem. Here are certain tips that can surely be helpful in losing stretch marks naturally.

    1.) Self maintenance is the key for getting rid of or preventing these marks. First of all, you need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. You need to start the process from inside out. Drinking enough water will ensure that the toxins in your body get removed and the tissues remain hydrated.

    2.) Other than vitamin E and C your diet must also contain loads of protein and zinc. These nutrients will stimulate the creation of collagen in the body which can help you stop the growth of stretch marks after weight loss.

    3.) A number of anti stretch mark creams are doing the rounds in the market. Using the right kind of cream and lotion can be of some help. It is important to keep your skin moisturized regularly. Some of the top stretch marks removal creams are Revitol, TriLastin SR, Zenmed Stretta, Heal Stretch Marks, StriVectin – SD and many more.

    4.) To find out how to get rid of stretch marks naturally you just need to get vitamin E oil and massage it on the affected areas. Vitamin E has antioxidants which can prevent the damage. You can also use wheat germ, avocado and rose hip to get rid of the marks. Now you surely know how to get rid of stretch mark. Cocoa butter can also be used.

    5.) Aloe Vera gel can work because of its anti inflammatory effects.

What are the Top Steps for Firming Skin Effectively?


Are you worried about the loose skin on your body? Do you want to have a firmer skin? This is a common issue and lots of people want an answer to this problem. You usually get loose skin after sudden weight loss.

But loose skin is quite a common phenomenon and therefore you need not worry. There are various methods which can be effective in getting rid of loose skin. To get a firmer skin you need to follow certain tips. You must always try to stay in shape and follow some easy suggestions for a firm skin.

  1. 1. Do you think you take the right vitamins to maintain a firm skin? Vitamin C and E must be on your regular diet chart because they offer elasticity to the skin. Vitamin B is also helpful because it keeps the skin cells hydrated. You can tone your skin with the help of fatty acids, specially omega 3. You should eat lots of vegetables. Fruits like apples and oranges can also be of help.
  2. 2. Firming skin is not possible without exercise. Blood circulation is necessary for skin firming. To tighten the facial skin you need some facial exercises. There are exercises for the forehead, lips, eyes, neck, cheeks as well as double chin. Similar exercise routine should be followed for the rest of the body with loose skin.
  3. 3. Use of moisturizers is a good process for firming skin. Skin tight body firming lotion, emu moisturizing lotion and nivea skin firming moisturizer are some of the products which are used. Firming facials can also help you tone the skin and make it firm. It is important to choose the facial according to the need of your skin. It is therefore necessary to find out the skin type before applying the facial.
  4. 4. Flushing out the toxins from your skin can make your skin look firm and toned. Steam is one of the best ways to do this. You can either check out a steam room or even choose to go for a sauna bath.
  5. 5. Proper blood circulation on the skin can help you achieve firming skin. A good massage on the areas having loose skin can be helpful. The right kind of massage will also help in tightening the muscles and tissues under the skin.
  6. 6. Skin exfoliation is necessary for a firming skin. You should exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. You can use a loofah for this. This will not only remove the dead cells but will open the pores so that the skin can absorb the moisture.
  7. 7. Eat raw fruits like tomato, cucumber, coconut and olives to improve the elasticity of your skin. Losing elasticity can be one of the major reasons for getting loose skin.
  8. 8. Yoga exercises like lying on the stomach and pushing up with the help of your hands can have an effect on the loose skin. Yoga is also a great way to relax and get rid of stress.
  9. 9. You need to differentiate between loose skin and excessive fat to start with the process of firming skin.


How Can You Get Rid of the Extra Skin after Weight Loss?


Having extra skin after weight loss is a common problem among men and women these days. There are people who misunderstand the loose skin as excessive fat. Having a little bit of loose skin on your body is normal but you need to make sure that it is under control.

You need to work hard to get rid of the extra flab. Loose skin can be present in the stomach, face, neck, thighs as well as in the arms. You need to get rid of the extra skin after weight loss through a good diet regime, regular exercise and massage and moisturizers.

There are some more factors which can be responsible for the decrease in the elasticity of the skin. Age, amount of weight loss, genetics, sun exposure, water intake and nutrition are the factors that might affect your skin.

When you start off with your weight loss procedure you need to make sure that you move ahead slowly. Rapid weight loss programs must be avoided because they not only create loose skin but also has other harmful side effects. You can lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight every week and not more than that. This will help you stay away from extra skin after weight loss. Slow weight loss will allow the skin to adjust with the loss of the excessive fat.

Do you nourish your skin properly? To take proper care of your skin you need to exfoliate your skin to remove the dead cells and remove the dirt and toxins from the pores. Proper circulation of the skin is important to maintain the elasticity. A number of skin tightening creams and moisturizers are available these days such as skin tight body firming lotion, emu moisturizing lotion and nivea skin firming moisturizer and many more. Taking a hot bath with minerals and sea salts can also help you improve the condition.

To stop your skin from losing elasticity you need to stay away from certain things like harsh shampoos and soaps and detergents. Make sure you do not expose your skin too much to the sun as well as to chlorinated water. You must also stay away from hot water.

Hyaluronic acid is an important element found in the tissues of the body. This acid tends to decrease with time. It is important to maintain the elasticity of the body. The acid is also necessary to grow muscles. Therefore, make sure you include this acid in your diet and you should also include magnesium along with it because it helps synthesizing the effect of the acid. People who smoke regularly lack in hyaluronic acid.

To differentiate loose skin from fat you need to find out the percentage of fat that must be present in your body. This will help you find out regarding the growth of extra skin after weight loss. The fat percentage of the body is determined after you reach your desired weight.

Increase the intake of vitamin E and C to develop collage and elastin in your body.

13 Lies About Eating Disorders That Almost Stopped Me From Reaching Recovery

Too many people believe that losing weight will take care of all their problems.

Unfortunately, they equate the notion of skinny with happiness and being perfect, which is a dangerous connection to make. Although not everyone who diets will develop an eating disorder (a mental illness with the highest mortality rate), a significant number regrettably do.

I personally suffered for over a decade with a severe eating disorder in the forms of anorexia, exercise addiction, binge eating disorder and bulimia. Although my appearance drastically changed because of my behaviors, my mind nonetheless always remained the same. It was equally sick and destructive throughout, as my eating disorder made promises to me that ultimately could have led me to my grave.

Now that I am in recovery, I can painfully expose the lies, disguised as truths, that my eating disorder made me believe:

1. You’ll be happy once you lose more weight.

While growing up, I had extremely low self-esteem, along with depression, anxiety and a perfectionist attitude that reinforced I was never good enough. I didn’t know how to make sense of why I felt so miserable, and I was too ashamed to tell anyone. So, I blamed myself.

I also didn’t have any friends and was teased. Many people can face these situations and get through these years normally. However, with others who are painfully shy and place unrealistic standards on themselves, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity,weight, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. My eating disorder promised that if I focused on losing weight, it would distract me from what hurt me the most. But of course, it only served as a Band-Aid while covering my true pain.

The problem was, I did lose weight, and nothing fundamentally changed. In fact, I was just as miserable, but developed a host of dangerous new concerns. This tragic game is a black hole. Once you reach that goal weight, you’ll have to revise it to keep your focus away from your core pain. Before you realize it, you may be at death’s door, just like I was, because you’ve lost so many pounds.

Always remember that eating disorders are not about weight, but rather the result from poor coping skills in dealing with underlying problems.

2. The more you restrict, the more you’ll feel in control.

When I was struggling with anorexia, my life had been reduced to nothing more than counting calories, weighing myself and trying to come up with new ways to hide and restrict food. My eating disorder convinced me this somehow made me safe and in control, when everything else in my life seemed so out of control and unpredictable.

The irony, though, is that my eating disorder had complete control over me. All the talent and potential I once had as a tennis player was destroyed. My passion for horses was swept away, as I was too weak to ride.

My happy experiences that once came from visiting my relatives were lost, as I could no longer make the trip because I was always in the hospital or in a treatment center. I broke up with my boyfriend because my exercise addiction was stronger than the relationship. I also was required to leave college during my freshman year for health reasons. So, who really was in control?

3. If you focus on your weight, all your depression, anxiety and pain will disappear.

An eating disorder, like any form of self-destructive coping skill, can be seen as a way to self-medicate. As noted before, it serves as merely a Band-Aid over a wound. Sure, at first it might seem to work when the wound isn’t very large. But over time, that wound is going to get infected, and then it is going to spread, and then it will begin to really hurt.

Inevitably, that wound is going to surface, and it will become painfully obvious that your Band-Aid isn’t gong to work anymore. It is at this point you may recognize you have no choice but to address your true issues.

But there can be beauty from all of this. You can heal in a healthy way. You don’t have to be afraid of what hurts you the most. You aren’t alone, and there is always help for you.

4. The longer you exercise, the stronger and better athlete you’ll be.

I always wanted to be the best at whatever I did. My drive for perfection led me to believe that more was always better, and so I pushed myself beyond appropriate limits. I had no sense of what was healthy or not.

My eating disorder told me that if I was practicing tennis two hours a day, then surely an additional hour in the gym must be beneficial. And as time went by, this led to me being so completely addicted to exercise that I joined three different gyms to prevent the same people from seeing me work out for so long.

Needless to say, instead of allowing me to become a better athlete, it led me to a hospital with a heart rate so low that I risked having a heart attack at any moment.

5. I will always be there for you, even when other people won’t.

I grew up being teased and rejected by my peers, which left me feeling alone and wary of trusting others. I figured it was best to depend on something I could count on, which became my eating disorder.

I thought I was being smart, and I thought this would shield me from being hurt. However, the irony of this situation was that it was because of my eating disorder that I later turned down invitations to hang out, since they would interfere with my rituals. And it was because of my eating disorder that I remained alone, isolated and different from my peers.

My eating disorder became a self-fulfilling prophecy and my own worst best friend.

6. I’ll help you love your body and feel confident in clothes.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I hated my body equally at my lowest weight, my heaviest weight and when I reached a healthy weight. Your eating disorder is never going to make you love your body or feel good about yourself because self-love doesn’t come from weight.

On the other hand, once you finally work on your mind and start learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally, it won’t matter what you weigh for you to feel confident and good about yourself.

7. Your diet starts tomorrow. Today’s the last day you can eat everything you want.

When I was struggling with binge eating disorder, my eating disorder forever promised I could have one last binge before I went off to diet boot camp. Obviously, this backfired in my face each time.

My eating disorder told me I could eat everything I ever dreamed of, but then I had to starve myself by consuming tasteless foods until I reached a slim weight again. This was an unsustainable lifestyle, and I failed each time, unable to follow my eating disorder’s barking orders.

In fact, I would get so hungry that instead of slowly returning to a normal weight in a healthy manner, I would repeat the process once again, which only enhanced my binge eating disorder. I fell into a cycle of disappointment and depression, as I blamed myself for being so out of control.

And my brain went into a panic each time, scared to death that this truly would be the last opportunity I would ever feed it. Clearly, there never was a last day, nor should there ever be one.

8. You’re already obese, so you might as well keep destroying yourself.

Once I reached my highest weight, my eating disorder told me I might as well give up. That “all or nothing” thinking I was so good at took over at full force. My eating disorder had morphed into binge eating disorder seemingly in the blink of an eye after I had struggled with anorexia for seven years.

My eating disorder convinced me once again I was worthless, a failure and too far-gone to be helped, just as it constantly criticized me with anorexia. Even though my body looked drastically different, the same lies were being fed to me, and I helplessly obeyed. And listening to the lies led me to lock myself in my house for half a year in total isolation due to embarrassment.

My days were filled with loneliness, depression, abuse from my eating disorder and binging until I fell into a food coma. It took me years to finally start to find balance.

If there is one thing I can’t stress enough, it is to reach out for help now. Start now. You are never too far-gone, and one day at a time is enough to lead you to a healthy place.

9. You binged, so you have to purge and restrict.

My eating disorder wasn’t about to let me go yet. My disease morphed once again, this time into bulimia. My eating disorder swore to me that every time I binged, I had to find a means to purge, whether that meant through over-exercising, restricting or taking an overdose of laxatives, to somehow undo the damage or at least punish myself for such a terrible act.

Butbecause of bulimia, I had to quit jobs, spend countless hours in the ER,and miss out on so much in life because I was in too much pain from laxatives. If only I could have seen I was wonderfully human, and that people can have fun and enjoy food without punishment.

Yet, my eating disorder had made my world so small that I had no sense of reality.

10. You are alone in this struggle. I’m your identity and your only company.

I spent my whole journey silently struggling. I would meet people in treatment centers for brief periods who shared similar struggles, and for fleeting moments, I didn’t feel quite so alone. But then, I would always return to my real world of isolation once again.

I started to feel crazy, as my eating disorder had become my identity and only friend. The only outlet I had for releasing some of the madness was through secretly journaling, and I did that obsessively throughout my entire fight. It wasn’t until I started getting better that I realized maybe I wasn’t so alone. I am Brittany Burgunder and not my eating disorder.

I found a way to create a life beyond my disease, and I chose to publish a book, Safety in Numbers. It is composed of my secret diaries. I wrote it so others might not feel so alone, while also shedding light on what it’s truly like to struggle with such a misunderstood illness.

11. Only anorexia is dangerous.

My eating disorder shouted this to me while I was finishing my fourth hour of over-exercising at the gym. My heart ached, and my heart rate was dangerously low.

When I was struggling with my binge eating disorder, I had trouble breathing and had to have my gallbladder removed. My doctors told me my heart was at risk. Most importantly, I had no quality of life.

When I was in the worst grips of bulimia, I actually maintained a normal weight. To the public eye, I was fine, right? What they didn’t see is I could have dropped dead at a moment’s notice because of the deadly behaviors I secretly engaged in.

Often, you cannot tell who is struggling with an eating disorder simply by looking at them, and it can be very dangerous to reach a conclusion based on appearance alone. I highly recommend you read some of the most common eating disorder myths so you can help be a part of a positive change with breaking the stigma around such a deadly disease.

12. You should be ashamed to ask for help.

My eating disorder drilled into my head it was my fault for having an eating disorder, and therefore, it was my responsibility to handle it all by myself. When I was anorexic, my eating disorder told me I was just fine and never sick enough to deserve help.

Similarly, when I was struggling with binge eating disorder, it convinced me I could handle things on my own, despite the fact I wondered whether or not I should end my life. My eating disorder also relentlessly told me how weak I would be to ask for help, even as my vicious cycle with bulimia repeated with no end seemingly in sight.

Of course, I can tell you with the utmost confidence this is one of the most deadly and dangerous lies of them all. Asking for help is one of the greatest signs of strength, and it will save your life.

Having the courage to speak about what you are going through is one of the most inspiring acts. Not only will you help yourself, but you will also help others by setting an example and serving as a role model. There are so many eating disorder resources available at all levels of care and locations. Taking steps at prevention and getting support are the best ways to empower oneself.

13. You will never recover.

I had many times resigned myself to the fact I was a hopeless case. After all, that is what the doctors at just about every treatment center said about me whenever they kicked me out of their facilities due to my eating disorder.

At the same time, my eating disorder constantly screamed at me on a daily basis, You need me! You’re never going to recover! What a silly thought! It’s too late! Why try? You’re a loser and too stuck, anyway. Just give up already!

But, I didn’t give up. I never did. I fell on my face far more times than I can count. But, I always got up.

Recovery is anything but linear. Step by step I inched forward. Step by step, I got stronger. And step by step, my own voice became louder than my eating disorder’s voice.

I cannot reiterate enough that recovery is possible no matter how long you’ve struggled and no matter how hopeless you may feel. Recovery will be the hardest thing you will ever do, and it will be the most vital and life-changing choice you will ever make.

When you hear your eating disorder speak, call it out on its lies. Move on to living your beautiful life where you are unconditionally good enough just for being you.

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This Woman Went Viral For Loving Her Body, And She’s Making A Movie About It

Taryn Brumfitt is more than just a woman with a body; she’s a wife and mother, an entrepreneur and a professional speaker. But, at one point in her life, all Brumfitt could see in the mirror was her stomach and breasts, which weren’t as taut as they used to be.

You might say the Australian woman is one of those near-magical internet success stories. After deciding against plastic surgery, wondering what kind of example it would make for her young daughter, Brumfitt saw viral internet attention in the form of an unconventional before-and-after photo. The early shot showed her, toned and tanned, posing in a bodybuilder’s bikini (she’d taken up the hobby after declining surgery). The follow-up, however, showed the soft curves and tummy rolls of someone larger but happier.

So began the quest that’s lead Brumfitt to the release of Embrace, a documentary project she helmed in an attempt to understand why so many women hate their bodies. Perhaps even more impressively, the film was crowdfunded by Brumfitt’s Kickstarter supporters. She raised nearly $250,000 USD, according to Adelaide’s InDaily.

The film, set to open August4, is facing its own set of unique challenges. Because Brumfitt’s documentary focuses on the beauty of the female body in all its shapes, several scenes include genitalia. It’s earned an MA 15+ rating from Australia’s Classification Board the same rating given to sexy films like Fifty Shades Of Grey.”

Brumfitt says it’s crucial young women see her movie because they’re just beginning to understand the challenges of being a female in a world that tells us we’re never good enough.

She told News Corp Australia,

Seventy percent of girls are dissatisfied by their own body. Fifty percent of 5 to 12-year-old girls want to lose weight This is a conversation we need to be having with our girls.

Brumfitt would know, seeing as she’s the founder of the Body Image Movement. Part of her job is specifically targeting mothers who aren’t sure how to raise secure, confident daughters.

Your body is beautiful, no matter what size your thighs are. Remember that.

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Plus-Size Ballerina Isnt Letting Online Comments About Her Weight Keep Her Down

Body shaming happens to everyone, even pregnant women. An Australiananchor was criticized for her weight, even though she was pregnant and perfectly healthy! Instead of judging others on their size, we should focus on their abilities. No one’s worth should ever be measured by a number on a scale.

It is very sad that people are not judged for their talent, but instead are still judged for their bodies. There is a constant need for people to be perfect and have skinny bodies without any flaws…

Especially in the dance world.

Meet Jessica Bell, plus-size dancer and victim of vicious body shaming online. Instead of looking at Jessica’s immensetalent, people focused on her weight even though she is healthy. Jessica chose to ignore the haters and keep dancing. Losing weight could actually be unhealthy for her, as she has painful cysts that are keeping her from losing weight.

Read on for more of Jessica’s story below, and be sure to check out the video at the end!


Plus-size ballerina Jessica Bell became the victim of online hate after people branded her grotesque and said she istoo obese to dance, suggesting she might break her ankles.

After getting into theater school, she was told if she didn’t lose weight in three months, her acceptancewould be revoked.

But Jessica refused to give up…

The dancer refused to let the hate keep her down! She was in the Channel 4 documentary Big Ballet last year, cast as the lead in Swan Lake.

She toldDaily Mail, “A person said I should be cast in Swan Lakes because I have the wings, but I’ve had to accept myself for who I am.”

Watch Jessica tell the BBC in her own words about her struggle, and don’t forget to SHARE this message about not letting bullies keep you from achieving your dreams with all of your friends and family!


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Public health cuts ‘could hamper anti-obesity effort’ – BBC News

Image copyright Science Photo Library
Image caption Councils use some of the public health funding to pay for exercise schemes, weight management services and free leisure facilities

Local councils in England are warning that government cuts to public health funding could hamper their efforts to tackle obesity.

Local Government Association figures show that councils will have spent 505m by 2017 on fighting obesity.

Councils use the money to measure children’s weight at primary school, help people lose weight and offer free or cheaper leisure facilities.

Public health became the responsibility of local authorities in April 2013.

Before that, it was run by the NHS.

The Department of Health said it was committed to tackling obesity and the government had announced a sugar tax on soft drinks manufacturers earlier in the year.


The Local Government Association (LGA) receives money from the government to spend on public health, and this sum will fall from 3.38bn in 2016/17 to 3.13bn in 2020/21.

The association, which represents more than 370 councils – mostly in England and a few in Wales – said it was set to spend about half a billion pounds on obesity prevention in adults and children over four years.

This was made up as follows:

  • 2013/14 – 112m
  • 2014/15 – 126m
  • 2015/16 – 140m
  • 2016/17 – 127m

The LGA said the figures illustrated the amount of prevention work councils were carrying out and showed the scale of the obesity crisis.

The costs include running the government’s National Child Measurement Programme, which involves calculating a child’s BMI (body mass index) when they start primary school and again when they leave school in Year Six.

Recent figures showed that in 2014/15 in England, one in 10 children aged four and five was obese and one in five children aged 10 to 11 was obese.

Food and drink

The LGA said the overall cost of obesity was forecast to rise further.

It has previously called on the government to reduce sugar content in fizzy drinks, make sugar labelling clearer and provide more tap water in schools and restaurants.

Councils also want to have powers to ban junk food advertising near schools.

Izzi Seccombe, who is in charge of community wellbeing for the LGA, said councils were best placed to tackle obesity before it became a problem, but they needed more support.

“We would like assurances from the government’s new administration that the long-awaited childhood obesity strategy is still on track and that it includes tough measures that will help to reverse the rise in costs and children becoming obese.

“Today’s obese children will be tomorrow’s obese adults, and with this comes a range of costly and debilitating major health conditions.”

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Moms Post-Pregnancy Belly Flab Goes Viral!

Rachel Hollis was at the beach and decided to snap a photo of herself in a bikini. The mother of three thought about taking the picture from the bust up to hide her belly. Instead, she chose to show off her “permanent flab.”

As a mother, Hollis knew that no matter how much she dieted and exercised, giving birth permanently changed her body. She would always have stretch marks, and she would always have bit of flab. Instead of feeling ashamed, she showed off her body with pride. The response? Hundreds of thousands of moms like her came forward to thank her for showing the world what a mother’s body really looks like and that there’s nothing wrong with it.

“The sign that you carried a child is a blessing and something to be proud of,” Hollistold Inside Edition. “I saw my stretch marks right away, and I could’ve zoomed in so you didn’t see them, but I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen anyone post that before!’”

Every mother’s body will be different after pregnancy, but no mother should be ashamed of her body after it has created life.


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People Are Doing It At Your Gym: 6 Personal Trainer Secrets

It’s been months since you signed up for that gym membership, and yet here you are, staring at a screen instead of working out. Maybe you’re making the right choice. Sure, sitting on your ass will almost certainly kill you sooner, but at least you’ll be spared the pain, lies, and body fluids you know a gym trip will bring. And at least you won’t have to look at the smiling face of a personal trainer like Ryan George, who wants to tell you that …


There’s Plenty Of Sex At The Gym


I’m proud of the number of clients I’ve bedded … because that number is zero. I did a home session once with a woman who suggested exercising in the nude (I advised her not to — the pinching alone!). I had a male client invite me to a threesome with his wife (again, I said no; that is not what we mean by a “partner membership”). At a hotel gym, I worked with a client who wanted me to massage his glutes and asked if I’d ever been with a man (I told him that I wasn’t trained in butt massage).

“No, I’m not trained in groin massages either.”

Less ethical trainers take advantage, though. There was one I worked with who went after every attractive woman that came in. One day, a girl came storming onto the fitness floor and asked every staff member where he was, but he was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later, there was a loud commotion: The girl didn’t know about the trainer’s reputation and found out that he had been hooking up with someone else. The gym ended up canceling both women’s memberships for fighting. They kept the trainer, though, as he had among the best sales numbers at the gym.

One high-end gym that I was working at tried to incentivize us to stay on-site all day by building a “sleeping” room for the personal trainers, complete with bunk beds. Yes, some genius thought it was a smart idea for a group of mostly young, attractive, and single trainers to have their own bedroom in the gym, and much to everyone’s shock and amazement, the room became a love-den. I did try the room out for its intended purpose on one occasion, only to have my nap interrupted by two trainers working each other out. Eventually, we lost access to the room because the housekeeping staff refused to clean it.

“Seriously, how difficult is it to put the condoms IN the trash can?”

One tip: Never go barefoot in a steam room. At the place I work now, the steam room is pretty regularly stained with semen. It’s most likely the result of jacking off pre-workout, which supposedly drops your blood pressure and relaxes you. Hey, they say you have to wipe only your sweat down after you’re finished.


A Personal Trainer’s Looks Matter Way More Than Their Qualifications


Like most of the service industry, gyms hire with an eye toward beauty. As a manager told me, I have to be what the client wants me to be. To female trainers, he said, “If it’s a guy, you have to give him a really tough workout. When he’s finished, take him to the massage table. Massage his legs, stretch him out, and when you are doing the hamstring stretch, lean over, expose a bit of cleavage and say, ‘I’d like you to be my client. What kind of package can I put you down for?'”

“I’m very committed to your hap-penis.”

It’s pretty clear what kind of business he thought he was running, and it didn’t involve a lot of careful vetting of qualifications. As a result, many of us didn’t have any. I got certified through the NASM, but plenty of trainers I work with haven’t. Some take multiple-choice online tests and use that, plus their visible muscles, to get hired. Don’t assume your trainer is some former athlete or even passionate about fitness — many join up just because they think it’ll be an easy job.

But all that isn’t necessarily the case. When I first joined one high-end gym, one of my fellow newbies was a stunning fitness model. She ended up getting lots of attention from the male clientele but couldn’t turn that into paying clients and quit the field altogether. Meanwhile Adrian — a middle-aged, slightly overweight female trainer with a thick Colombian accent — banked $250k a year. She was at the top of her field because she knew her shit, plain and simple.

“The quicker you hit your fitness goals, the quicker I hit my financial ones. So pick that up. Now”


The Gym’s Business Model Is Completely Dependent On Your Lack Of Motivation


I can confirm some of the stuff Cracked joked about in this video: We really do count on a certain percentage of members signing up but not using the facility. If most gyms were used by anything close to the full roster of members, they’d be way beyond capacity. One time, a major blizzard back in the early 2000s basically shut down the city, but we stayed open. Scores of lapsed members, with nothing else to do and against all expectations, made their way through our doors. It was the busiest day that gym ever had, there wasn’t nearly enough equipment for everyone, and it was a goddamn madhouse. Luckily, it’s pretty hard to get trampled in a treadmill stampede.

Capitol Records
Treadmill-related injuries have dropped drastically ever since OK Go canceled their membership.

Beyond tricking the masses into memberships they’ll never use, we’re supposed to sign clients up for personal sessions because that’s where the real money is. An hour of personal training might cost upward of $100, more than a whole month of gym membership. So once we’ve got people in the fitness room, we tell them the gym itself will do nothing for them, and they need one-on-one time if they want to improve. Not because of our knowledge, necessarily: The true selling point of a personal trainer is having to look somebody in the face and promise you’ll come to the gym at a specific time and date. It’s harder to stay on the couch when you’ve made that personal and financial commitment.

“You know what, just give me your wallet. You need to earn it back.”

Sometimes they do fight dirty with your willpower, though. Right after 9/11, the fitness manager gave us this long-winded speech and included a line he wanted us to tell potential clients: The reason so many people died during 9/11 was that they were not fit enough to escape the buildings. It’s a terrible argument, from what I heard. I never got around to using it, because hell is basically one big steam room — can you imagine how much semen is on the floor? No thanks.


Personal Trainers’ Advice Can Harm You


Here are the subjects a qualified trainer can speak on, ideally with a pumping dance beat backing them up: posture and movement, muscular strength and endurance, athletic performance, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. That’s the ideal list, remember — we may not know anything about any of that stuff. We may just look rockin’ in spandex. Whatever the case, we are most certainly not authorities on nutrition, rehabilitation, or anything medical. Yet in every gym you’ll find trainers happy to advise you on all of those things no matter how disastrous the consequences.

“No, no, not the muscles, that’s a common myth. You have to eat another man’s heart to gain his strength.”

I know one trainer whose client was struggling (due to trainer incompetence, mostly), so he said, “Tell your doctor you have asthma and have them give you a prescription for Advair. That will help you with your cardio.” There was another who thought they were qualified to give diet advice to a diabetic. One client wanted to get in shape for her August wedding, so her trainer put her in a sauna suit to run on the treadmill the morning of the wedding to fit into her dress. And then there was the trainer who decided to fix a client’s back pain using “core exercises” that obviously just made the pain worse. We barely dodged a lawsuit on that one.

Even I’m not immune to the occasional climb up my own ass. I used to tell clients doing bench presses to touch the barbell to their chests. Then I learned this was shredding up their shoulder joints, so I stopped, but others still insist on it. Leg extensions are what everyone uses to build their quads, but I tell people not to because they’re ruining their knees in the process — you’ll still see a shiny leg extension machine in every gym. One trainer will tell you the lat pull has to go behind the neck, and I’ve seen that do terrible things to people’s shoulders long-term, but I’ve heard other trainers insist that doing it in front of chest, like I say to, is also bad.

Gennadiy Kravchenko/iStock
It’s only a matter of time before it gets blamed for autism and gun violence.

You’ll never know who’s right until you screw yourself up doing it wrong.


Gym Employees Might Slip You Steroids

Dario Lo Presti/iStock

At one gym I worked at, the first Monday of every month, a guy in a suit would show up, change into workout gear, and take a black backpack into the gym with him. The man, who we dubbed “the doctor,” would do a 30-minute session. At some point, he would casually place the backpack somewhere behind the pull-up station, and the fitness manager would later take it with him into the office. For the next week, all the Terminator-looking guys walked in to the fitness manager’s office when the sales manager wasn’t around. I got the feeling they weren’t discussing that quarter’s revenue.

“Oh my god, I finally saw Hamilton, and let me tell you, totally worth the wait!

One trainer I know sends his clients to a doctor at an anti-aging clinic, advising them to claim that they’re suffering from low testosterone. The doctor then runs a series of tests which magically confirm this, and the client, whose only real symptom is a lack of swoleness, skips away with a legal prescription for testosterone. You can even get your insurance to pay for shrinking your testicles.


In The End, The Gym Is Selling An Impossible Fantasy

Milan Stojanovic/iStock

Cracked has told you over and over that the number of people who lose a large amount of weight and keep it off is statistically zero. Now, I have worked with people who’ve transformed their bodies in phenomenal ways, so I’m not going to say it’s impossible to lose weight, but it is much harder than most people think. A large part of that is because the fitness routines we prescribe you are unsustainable, and we know this. Most people will get through the first few days of a training routine just fine, and we’ll tell them it will get easier, but in reality, it gets harder. If it starts to get easier, you’ll stop seeing results. And anytime you take on a new project, whether it’s starting a fitness routine or a custom dildo business, it steals from something else in your life.

Eva K./Wiki Commons
“In the end, it was my free time with my kids that I was really giving the shaft to.”

I try not to set unrealistic expectations: During my first meeting with a client, I extract as much info as possible on the person’s lifestyle, mindset, goals, and exercise history, then try drafting a plan they can actually follow. But if gyms everywhere told clients the truth — that there is no finish line; you can never say, “OK, now I have a six-pack, so I’m finished with my body and now I can focus all of my time on video games”; that maintaining that six-pack is now your part-time job for the rest of your life; and the older you get, the more work it will take — a billion-dollar industry would disappear overnight. Forget rising health-insurance premiums — that’s how fat would cripple the economy.

Ryan George hosts The GymWits podcast and has a new book out, Freeweight Training Anatomy. Follow Ryan Menezes on Twitter for stuff cut from this article and other things no one should see.

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The Tough Trainer
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“Don’t diet. When you diet, you are basically setting yourself up for failure. I mean, the word die is in there! You’re not allowing yourself to enjoy the food you love, and it will only make you want it that much more. Make smart lifestyle changes, one baby step at a time.”
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The Mind/Body MD
“When you feel like eating, pause to notice your physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Ask, ‘Am I hungry, or is there some other reason I want to eat?’ This step will help you recognize whether you are eating for nourishment or for comfort and distraction.”
Dr. Michelle May, founder of Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs

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Science Says Your Instagram Addiction Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Who knew you could double tap your way to a thin bod?

OK, liking photos on Instagram isn’t exactly what’s helping you shed pounds, but your involvement in fitness and health communities might be.

Anew study called “‘Friending’ Your Way Thin” found that people who actively participated in online diet-related communities lost more weight than those who didn’t.

Researchers came to this conclusion by analyzing users’ activityon dieting website Calorie King. Looking closely at the number of times users exchanged messages and shared stories about their weight, researchers discovered the signs of weight loss success.

Senior author of the study, Luis A. Nunes Amaral explains,

We found that the frequency with which you report your weight is a good indicator of positive outcomes. If you monitor your weight, you are engaged. If you communicate online with other people, you are even more engaged. And when you need support, you might be able to get it. There are some nice characteristics about this social network.

Basically, having an online community to report to and interact with replaces an IRL weight loss support group.

But you don’t necessarily need to be commenting and posting updates to reap the benefits of a wellness online community.

Bonnie Spring, another author of the study, said that privacy is important to some users who don’t want to make their journey public. This, of course, makes online communities and platforms like Instagram perfect for people who don’t want to share weight loss updates or talk to other people. You can still get motivation by scrolling on your feed without necessarily interacting.

So, if you’reInstagramming pictures of your food and liking other users’ progress photos, you’re doing yourself a favor. Your addiction is actually motivating you to keep going even if you don’t comment or make Instagram friends.

As someone who’s totally addicted to Instagram and loves the health and wellness community, I can attest to this. I look forward to Instagramming my healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) meals — #Foodgramsdefinitely inspire me to try different recipes, and I’m happy seeing body progress shots eitherbecause it means those users are proud of their journies.

So, if you have a weight loss goal you’re trying to hit, keep double tapping and get involved in the Instagram community in whatever way you’re comfortable with.

This social media validation is a dish best served in huge portions.

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